How do I keep from getting in trouble for climbing the Christmas tree?

Human mommy person put foil all around the bottom of the tree. It is kindof weird and makes a loud noise, but it's fun to see if I can move it or climb around it. She sprays me with water during the day, so I wait 'til night time. Those balls and hanging thingies are fun to catch and knock off and climbing a tree is fun! I see those outside from the window, but I don't get to go out! It's just so tempting! All those twinkle, sparkle lights, shiny dangling thingies, it sure smells good, and its a darn tree for heavens sake! I don't like getting in trouble though. Can you help me?
High furry paws to you,

Asked by Packer on Nov 28th 2011 Tagged climbing, christmastree, decor, trouble in Other Behavior & Training
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Please be sure he can't drink the water and if he can, do not use aspirin or any chemicals in it!! An no tinsel! I have an artificial tree and I put it up empty for a few days so they can get it out of their system (10 cats!) Desi climbed it repeatedly the first day but got bored. Then just lights for a day. I got daring this year and brought out my full collection of ornaments instead of the cheap plastic balls. No glass because cats are cats, I can't expect them to be angels. Nothing is hung on the lowest branches. So far only the bead garland has been a problem with my youngest. I just redirect their attention to one of their jingly toys in another room when I catch them messing with the tree. The trick with spraying water is not to let them see you do it. If they think the tree causes it, it will scare them from the tree. If they know it's you, they just avoid doing it when you're around. Not really much help but GOOD LUCK!!!

Allie answered on 11/29/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Izadore (Izzie)

When my late, sweet brufur Ernie was around, we made it an art form to jump from the stair railing into the tree. Our tree TALKED! It said, "Gosh Darn it, boys, get OUT OF THERE!!" or something along those lines. Mom twisted the ornaments on with pipe cleaners, but we thought they were fun, little, hairy worms. They finally gave up, put the good ornaments away and take it for granted that we'd use the tree for climbing and hiding practice. Now, mom and dad are older and we also have a hoomin kitten who likes to rearrange the ornaments. The tree isn't so interesting anymore now that Ernie is gone. Mom gets us a new scratch, corrugated board before Christmas and puts catnip on it. We LOVE that and we cut her a break and leave the tree alone.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 11/29/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer