How do I keep cat from climbing up window screens and jumping on counters?

I have 6 month old kittens who are brother and sister. The girl is very well behaved, but the boy is constantly getting into things, jumping on counters and knocking things off of them, climbing curtains, destroying window screens. He is fixed and healthy. We play with him often and he has plenty of toys and climbing trees. No matter what we do he always seems to think the counters and window screen are more fun to play with. It is at the point now where I can't have my windows open because he ruins the screens. We rent and can't afford to pay for new window screens all the time. We've already replaced them once.

As for the counters, I have tried everything, including the spray that they supposedly don't like the smell of, putting foil on the counters, water, tape, etc. He still jumps up there every time he thinks we're not looking. Then when we tell him to get down, he won't unless we start walking toward him.

This is getting very frustrating. What can I do?

Asked by Member 1130123 on Sep 10th 2012 in Other Behavior & Training
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My cat has the same thing! We tried a lot of things too. If you haven't tried spraying him with water when he does it, then try that. Other things we do are, pushing him off the table (just give him a shove), we yell at him, hiss, and (one of the most effective), we scare him. If he hops up on the table, we grab a book and whack it on the table. He jumps right off. Now he barely ever goes up there.

Member 1130197 answered on 9/10/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Unfotunately , Cats are cats, they love to scale heights,do you have any vertical climbing trees?if not pop some boxes out with toys on top maybe? Kittens especially love getting into trouble. If you shout at your cat, scare them or hurt them....then your cat will associate YOU with this behaviour and your relationship will suffer, Negative conditioning may work for some things but in this instance the only option really is PATIENCE! Kitty somewhere you dont like? Calmly remove said kitty and say no in a firm voice.Without yelling. Repeat. He will eventually get bored of this. When he was smaller, and mumma cat didnt want him to do something, she wouldnt scare him, she would gently pick him up and move him away. Things will calm down for you and i know its frustrating (i have a 5month old male who might be the devil kitty hes unstoppable and scared of nothing!) Hope you are well, chin up and be patient!

Batfink answered on 9/11/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer