How do I interpret my kitty Sparky's tail wagging.

What do all the variations mean? What may he be trying to communicate?

Asked by Sparky on Dec 21st 2007 in Other Behavior & Training
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In Memory of Sarah

That's a tricky one. In general...a cat swishes its tail back & forth quickly when it is irritated. Example: You are petting kitty and the tail begins to swish quicker & quicker, stop petting kitty is getting what we call homogenized(kitty is feeling really good as in sexually excited). You stop for a bit then start to pet again slowly. Some kitties only like to be petted briefly then they nip at you. Slowly when uncomfortable with what's happening. Their tails will tell you when they are not liking something, like kids pulling at them. Tails are an indicator of mood. In playing cats will usually dig their back claws in before bolting towards their target. I hope this helps you some.

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Mozza (forever loved)

Sparky's wagging or waving tail is only part of his message. You need to watch other parts too like his ears & eyes. If only the tip of his tail is gently twitching, he's focused on something. It's a signal he's alert over something.

Look at his ears & eyes too. Wide eyes with huge pupils means he's excited OR fearful (though I doubt he'd be fearful of you). If his ears are forward, he's intent on what's happening. If his ears are turned back, he's getting upset.

A wildly thrashing tail means he's VERY upset & needs his space. He feels threatened. But Morgana's tail will thrash back & forth just before she pounces in mock battle so it can a indicate lots of excitement sometimes though I don't do that.

A tail held high is a sign he feels good. Cats will do this when they greet us or another. A tail held horizontal means they feel just okay. And a low tail means he's unhappy or blah feeling.

This explains what cats' body language means:

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