how do i get my kitten to stop being so mean? and how do i get him to sleep at night?

we just recently found out or kitten is male. but he is so mean, with the biting chewing and clawing my furniture... he has plenty toys. the squirt bottle doesnt work. hes about 3 months old.. maybe a little older.. what can i do to get him to stop.. declawing is my only resort at this time.. i keep him up all day so he will sleep at night but that doesnt seem to faze him.. all hours of the night running across the sideof my bed...

Asked by Member 1143195 on Dec 1st 2012 Tagged aggressivekitties in Behavior & Training
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Your kitten is only young and needs to learn the way of a cats life.Find a Cat crate for your kitten.Find a big puffy blanket,food in a bowel and water in a bowel,some toys and some pillows including a small playhouse and scratching toys.Your kitten does not need to sleep as he might sleep secretly during the day.It is ok for a kitten to not go to sleep at night as kittens are not human babys and do not need to be treated as a human or baby.Don't force the kitten to play,eat,drink,sleep,or rest as they know what to do.Let the kitten know the right ways and make sure the crate has NO escaping holes or small holes they can excape through.If your cat is talented and can jump high,make sure the crate is high.Do not put the kitten in a human crate!Also don't torture the kitten with spray bottles as it is VERY harming to them.

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