How do I get my female cat to stop peeing on my bathmat next to her little box in my tiny bathroom??

I have a female and male cat, spayed and neutered, who are five years old. I've lived in a number of different apartments in the last five years and have had to keep the litter box in the bathroom in a few apartments. My current apartment is very small with an awkwardly shaped bathroom, leaving the only place for the litter box directly across from the shower stall. There is less than a foot between the shower and litter box, with my bathmat squeezed in between. I keep the litter clean and have washed the mat numerous times, but she continues to pee directly on the mat. I had this problem with her on occasion in a previous apartment, but not like this. She doesn't pee on the mat in front of the sink, only the mat outside the shower. I've also replaced the mat once or twice and substituted the mat for a towel because I knew she'd just pee on it. She's perfectly healthy and a calm, hassle-free cat, but I just can't get her to stop peeing on my mat! Please help!

Asked by Member 1106442 on Apr 18th 2012 Tagged urinating, peeing, litterbox, training in Behavior & Training
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Please take her to the vet to make sure she is healthy. She may have a urinary tract problem that is causing her to avoid the box (cats with UT issues associate the box with the pain of urination). If she's healthy, then she's unhappy with something. She may appear calm and stress-free, but peeing outside the box is a cat's way of sending a message that something is wrong. If it's not UT, they're trying to ease their anxiety by marking territory. She may not like the box, the litter, the location, the fact that there's so little space and she can't get away from the smell, or she's just had it with all the moving. You may never know, but I recommend consulting a behaviorist or checking out some reputable cat behavior sites for insformation.

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