How do i get my cat to stop crying?

My husband and i have 2 cats. we recently got a new male kitten and he cries alll the time. he cries anytime hes left alone and he HAS to be in the room with us rubbing against us or trying to see what we're doing. Why does he do this and how can i get it to stop?

Asked by Member 1200793 on Nov 22nd 2013 in Separation Anxiety
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Orion Hemingway

He was separated from his mother too early. You need to ignore him and let him socialize with the other cats. Right now he needs to fit in with the cats that you already own, because they will teach him how to be a cat and resent him if they see him getting extra attention (more than them). Make sure there are extra scratchers and toys, and integrate him with the others right away. If they hiss and hit him, that's fine... they shouldn't hurt him if he's small. Supervise visitation until they can all be left alone together. He will annoy them for sure... but better them than you! I have a new tortie girl and she did not have to be separated from the others (2 boys and a girl, all older) at all. They accepted her but let her know when she's in the way or for her to knock it off all of the time! Your new guy can do it too... but not well if you baby him. ^_^

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