how do i get my cat out of the room

I tryed the feliway it seems to work but she still wont leave the room she came out twice in three weeks and everytime she sees her sibling she runs back.He goes in the room were she is and shes fine.This makes me feel awful for her that shes a scared of her own house after being here for 6 years.

Asked by Member 525461 on Nov 9th 2007 in Behavior & Training
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Did something happen to spook Ebony? I would rule out any medical problems with the vet. Otherwise, she might just need a sanctuary of her own. Can you provide her with a spare bedroom that contains her litter box, bowls, scratching post, and a few toys?

Member 488376 answered on 11/9/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Get Ebony checked over by a vet. She might feel that she cannot play with the other cat or explore the house in fear that it will cause her some sort of physical pain.

If you think she's scared of the other cat, then perhaps lock that cat in a different room with all of it's necessities for a couple of days to let Ebony roam the house fear-free.

Otherwise, just be sure all of her needs such as litter, toys, scratching posts, food, and water are all provided for her in "her" room. Something scary might've happened to her in the house previously, so keep stress, noise, and scray looking objects to a minimum. Some cats just also prefer to live on one room of the house. It helps them to feel secure and safe, they name it as their "sanctuary" you could say.

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1.Pick her up.2.Take her to a closet.3.Put her in the closet.4.Close the door.

Angel answered on 11/9/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer