How do I determine what breed my cat is?

She's black and white and I have no idea what breed she is. She was sold off the street with only vague info, a female and 3 months old. She is not fluffy or flat faced, she has fur and she just looks normal to me. Her kittens are half-tabby and I don't even know her breed!

Asked by Member 1043536 on Sep 14th 2011 Tagged black, white in Breeds
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She's a domestic shorthair. Cat-breeding is a relatively recent and rare phenomenon so cats without any papers are just assumed to be naturally free-bred from other naturally free-bred cats as are 95% of cats. It's not like dogs where there are such massive difference between breeds in size, shape, and energy levels and no "default" breed so that even known mutts are described as things like "lab-cross" or "some kind of terrier" to give a general idea of what sort of dog you're dealing with. Tabby is not a breed, just a coat pattern common to both domestics and many of the designer breeds so her kittens are just domestic shorthairs as well.

On a side note the problem with feline homelessness is so bad right now that it's hard finding homes even for pure-bred cats. If you haven't already please be sure to get her and her kittens fixed before any more kittens are born!

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