How deep should the litter be?

How deep should the litter be?

Here at school my roommate fills the litter box SO full! Almost to the top!

At my parents house, where I have 3 cats, I fill the litter box up to about 2 or 3 inches at the most.

My roommate's cat Chevy is coming home from the vet after being treated for a bladder infection and I want to make sure his litter box is clean for him and I can't help but wonder if his litter box being so full is an issue at all.

What's the correct amount of litter?

Asked by Moshi on Oct 17th 2010 Tagged litterlitterbox in Other Behavior & Training
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Mr. Wriggles

Our mum cleans our kitty box (scoops out stuff) daily, then adds enough to keep the level about 3 inches.
Once a week, the day of trash pickup, she dumps the whole kitty box, scrubs it out with bleach and lots of water, then adds new litter. (We don't like the smell of bleach)

But, first, she sprinkles a little bit of baking soda on the bottom - then adds the litter.

She has tried several different kinds of litter, and no special one comes to mind, but the important thing is to clean daily.

Kitties don't like dirty bathrooms.

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