How can I tell if my cat is or has Egyptian Mau in him?

My (almost) 4yr old male has the markings and the personality of an Egyptian Mau. How can I know if he really is one or came from one? The only difference that I saw between him and some pictures is that in the pictures their markings went all the way around the body. His markings don't. He has a white belly and white on the on all four paws where his claws are at. Other than that he has the same stripes and spots on his body and the stripes on his tail. He is much bigger than our other two cats.

Asked by Member 935597 on Jan 4th 2010 Tagged cat, breed, egyptianmau in Egyptian Mau
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I doubt that your cat has any Egyptian Mau genetic heritage. I would guess that he is a domestic short hair, coloration tabby and white. Without a photo it's hard to tell, but I suspect he is a mackerel tabby whose stripes are broken into dots. An Egyptian Mau would not have any white on the belly or paws. Furthermore, the Maus I've seen at cat shows tend to be rather small cats. Since the Egyptian Mau is a relatively new, rare, and expensive breed, it is unlikely that a breeder or owner would let the cat roam free to mate with the general cat population. Most (over 95%) American cats don't have any breed per se--they are generic cats.

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