How can I stop my male cat from constantly stalking/attacking my female cat?

My 13 yr old male cat is constantly stalking/attacking my 11 yr old female ! He wont let her get to any of the litter boxes and she has started going elsewhere. He will hide and wait for her to walk around then lunges out like a heat seeking missile right onto her. Yowling,hissing and fur flying ensues. This has been getting worse over the past 6 years. I also have a 10 yr old female and he doesn't bother her at all,but she also will occasionally hiss and swat at the 11 yr old ! All 3 are spayed/neutered . Catnip,separating ( per the vet ) don't seem to work. Any advice ??

Asked by Member 973022 on Feb 1st 2012 Tagged aggression, cats, training in Other Behavior & Training
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I don't have an answer AS OF YET. I'm dealing with this exact same issue currently, and am seeking advice. I have 4 neutered males and one spayed female. Their ages vary, the oldest is nine. The two primaries for the advice I am seeking is the spayed female and our second oldest male, who is six. They have lived together for years. They have always bickered a bit, but nothing serious and usually they would settle down after a while. In the past month they have done really well since we adopted our youngest (i know five cats is TOO many, but we make it work). Anyway, the two primaries (Hobo and Bandit) did well for about a month and I thought we were improving. Then in the last week it has gotten so bad that bandit is afraid to go to the bathroom! She has been living under the kitchen table and sneaking out behind the couch to potty. After some observation, Hobo and his little sidekick, Binx are ambushing her when she uses the bathroom box! Glad I'm not the only one dealing with this...

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It could be a problem w/ sharing a litterbox. I have 3 cats, 2 males and a female, and one of the males was stalking and beating up the other male when he tried to use the litterbox. I solved the problem by getting three litter boxes. If the problem is really bad, I would put litter boxes in several different cat can be everywhere at once, and this allows the poor bullied cat to use the litterbox in peace. Once my bully-cat realized there were plenty of litterboxes for all, he stopped making an issue of it.

Separating them when you are not home is a good idea until you are sure the problem is resolved.

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