How can I stop my 7 month old kitten from nursing on the blanket?

Her mother was killed when she was 4 weeks old.

Asked by Member 1154722 on Feb 11th 2013 Tagged nursing in Behavior & Training
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First of all, you should know that the behavior is natural–it's often seen in kittens who were weaned before 12 weeks.

My kitten does this too... I asked the vet, who said there's nothing to worry about unless they're suckling obsessively, or so intensely that they start to ingest parts of their blanket. I think it's cute, and it makes him happy, so I haven't tried to "wean" mine.

But if it bothers you, you can train them to stop- but what's important is to never punish them for the action. It's their way of showing contentment and affection. You can redirect them to one specific blanket, or spray a bitter-tasting agent on it to deter her (they sell it at the pet store).

Best of luck!

Bowski answered on 2/12/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer