How can I stop my 2 female cats from fighting?

I have a 1 1/2 year old female cat named Tilly. I then introduced a rescue cat about 6 months ago, named Missy, she is 1 year old but bigger and stronger than my original. They tolerate each other however there is a lot of fighting. Missy pins her down and bites her neck causing tilly to scream and try to get away. It upsets me and it makes me feel as if Tilly is disapointed in me bringing this bully into the house.

The fights are bcoming worse but I woud hate to give Missy away as she is a lovely cat. Both cats are spayed, Missy was already spayed when I found her in the rescue centre and Tilly was done a few months ago.

I used to shout and tap Missy on the nose but then I realised a spray water bottle was best although this method is no longer working. I have read through threads and it seems ignoring it is the best resolution however it is hard to do when i see Tilly in pain.

I am worried for Tilly's health and well being but would prefer to keep both cats. What can I do?

Asked by Member 808274 on Feb 24th 2009 Tagged behaviour, aggression in Aggression
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You could try Feliway as that is often successful at reducing aggression in cats. If that doesn't work ask you vet about meds as there are ones like kitty valium that can help.

I'm going through something similar with Petra at the moment. She's 8 and great with people and dogs but never been with cats before. She gets anxious and aggressive with cats and needs to learn that cats are OK. My vet has just prescribed amitriptyline to help with the intros as Petra was being overly aggressive and terrorising the others.

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Izadore (Izzie)

You don't say how you introduced your girls, but if you did not keep them separate until they became accustomed to each other, that could be influencing the way they get along now. What you've described can also be play-behavior. Does Tilly "go back" at Missy? Or does she tear off and hide? If Tilly tries to pin Missy and also puts her teeth and claws on Missy, then I'd say they were playing. If you see Tilly do this to Missy, don't discourage it. If the fur is flying and blood is flowing, that's another story. You may have to separate the girls and keep them separate until they prove they can "play nice". Don't try to separate them by hand when they do this as it could cause you injury. You can put a few coins or marbles in a metal can and throw it near (NOT AT) them. Both cats are young and Tilly was sexually mature when spayed. She may still be dealing with hormones. You may want to try some behavior mod before you use anti-anxiety meds,but these do work. Good Luck!

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Hi my name is Tracey I posted this question, thank you for your answers they are very helpful.

The cats did not like each other when they were introduced and have grown to live with each other, everything was fine up until after christmas and now missy has become more agressive with the neck biting. Tilly does not fight back. Last night I left them to it for the first time and they have been fighting more than ever. I can tell Tilly is scared but she has started to stand up for herseld by growling and slapping. They won't sit in the same room together now.

I will speak to my vet and try to get hold of one of those feliway things, Hopefully everything will be fine as I would hate to seperate them for good. Do cat meds have any side effects though?

Thanks again

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