How can I make the adjustment to indoor life easier for my kitty?

My siamese cat, Meatball, used to be an outdoor/indoor cat. We recently found out he has leukemia, therefore he has to be solely an indoor cat now. He's been in the house for about a month now and things aren't going well. He does use the litterbox but sometimes he urinates outside of it. He also howls throughout the night. I have three fake mice that he sometimes plays with and a wand, but he doesn't seem very interested. I'm moving out of my house and into an apartment soon, and taking Meatball with me.

Asked by Meatball on Jan 15th 2014 Tagged outdoors, indoors, apartment, house, inside, leukemia in Methods of Training
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Panda Bear

Make sure to pay the pet deposit fee in case he soils the carpeting. Use a pheromone collar, diffuser and play calming music when you're not home in the new place. He'd like a cat condo with a view of outside, and will need places to climb. Buy scratchers, toys, etc., and add another litterbox on the opposite side of the apartment. PetSmart has new training litter that you can buy which will help your cat to use the box. Make sure he has on id at all times in case he runs out or escapes when maintenance enters. At first he will rebel, like a teenager with an early curfew, but eventually he will grow out of it. Good luck and feed a high protein food like Nutro Natural Choice Finicky Feline dry food in chicken. Also purchase a special spray to remove the odor if he pees inside; otherwise, he will continue to soil in the same area. Thanks for taking care of your best bud! ^_^

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