How can I help my cat who suffers from chronic upper respiratory infection?

My rescued kitten had pneumonia, followed by a major bout with the caleci virus after a trip to the vet for the pneumonia. She was in isolation for two weeks and almost didn't survive the ordeal. She was left with a couple souvenirs: part of her tongue fell off and she has a chronic upper respiratory infection. It is a bad one. Her breathing is impaired most of the time. I've had her to no fewer than 5 respected veterinarians and not one can suggest anything that helps her. I dose her once or twice a day with saline solution; I've tried broad spectrum anti-biotics (helped for a while) and regular anti-biotics (no help at all). With technology where it is today, I can't believe there isn't something out there that will give this adorable, life-loving cat some relief. HELP?

Asked by Member 1187386 on Aug 27th 2013 Tagged chronicupperrespiratoryinfection, calecivirus, breathingdifficulties in Other Health & Wellness
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Bezalel Tiger

There are homeopathic nose relief drops for cats that you put in their water bowl, made by HomeoPet. I have only been able to order them online or from a catalog where I live. I give them to my cats when they have a cold or seem to be breathing non-optimally, and it does help them. Cheers ^_^

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