How can I get my cat to stop scratching my furniture.

This is something new. She claws on my bed headboard. She does this mostly during the night, to wake me up when she wants food. The material is like a tennis racket, its not fabric or wood. She also scratches my couch. I've tried the sticky paws taps. The packaging says toxic if ingested, so I took it off and returned that right away. The nature's miracle spray does not work either. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions??

Asked by Sally on Jul 4th 2013 in Scratching
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Orion Hemingway

There are three things that I can suggest that might help. The first is to put a sheet over where she is scratching and tack it down. The second is claw caps that you can glue on over her claws. The third is food-related. Why food, you might say? How much you feed your cat depends on her ideal weight and daily amount of exercise. Her ideal weight may not be what she is now- that's a vet call. If you feed her a more healthy food such as anything by Nutro, she will eat less and need less, and there's a chart on the side of the bag that can help you determine the amount. You might also want to put a few treats in her food bowl before you go to bed that are good for her, like Greenies dental, and see if this helps (to give her a snack).

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There a few things that come to mind. First, I have a cat that used to bug me for food non stop, day and night, and I ended up having to make her sleep in a bathroom all night for my own sanity. There is nothing wrong with doing this. My two boy cats are put up in a room as night as well, they are not free to roam. I believe in teaching cats night time is bedtime, something that is not natural to them, but it can be taught. Your cat will learn. Another thing, feeding the biggest meal of the day right before bedtime helps with sleeping.I once fed my cat a food that had corn as first ingred, then by-prods, no meat at all. No wonder my cat was non stop hungry! FInd a food that is meat first. Wet food is best. Feeding 3 meals a day, or even 2 wet wtih kibble in the middle, but the largest meal at bedtime will help. Having your kitty put up at night, and also, put a loud fan near your bed to block out the mewing sounds. The fan will block it all out :)

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Izadore (Izzie)

If she does this and then you feed her, that could be why it's continuing. You could be reinforcing this behavior by "rewarding" her with food when she scratches on your headboard at night. I've found that a good old spray of water on their back or near them in the air works to deter them from doing things you don't want them to. It even works on my dogs. When she begins to scratch on things you don't want her to, say a firm "NO!^ or "Down!" and spray near her. Make sure she has plenty of low-key playtime before you go to bed for the night so she'll be tired out and willing to sleep. Although some Catsters don't recommend it, I do free feed my cats. They always have a bowl of dry food down so hunger isn't an issue. But, they are active at night as most cats are.

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