How can I get my cat to stop pooping on the floor?

My male cat, Ollie, has been toilet trained for 6.5 years successfully. I recently went on vacation and while I was gone, he started pooping and peeing in the same spot on the floor next to the toilet. He has never done this before. I have been home for one day and he has done this twice more while I was just in the next room. Any advice to help this unusual behavior?

Asked by Member 1081447 on Jan 2nd 2012 Tagged poop, toilet, cat, floor, behavior, pooping, pee, peeing in Behavior & Training
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Of course, the first thing to do is to take Ollie in for a vet examination, to rule out any medical cause for this sudden change.

Assuming a medical problem is ruled out as the cause, I wonder what were his circumstances while you were on vacation? Did someone stay with him full-time at your home, or did he stay home alone with someone to check in on him periodically? Or did he stay elsewhere, at someone else's home or at a bording facility? Was his diet the same as usual, fed on his usual schedule, and did he have any problems eating or using the litterbox while you were away?

Any arrangements that are not within a cat's usual schedule will likely be stressful. Cats are creatures of habit and routine. His sudden inappropriate elimination habits may be a reaction to that stress, again assuming that a medical problem has been ruled out. Ask his vacation caretaker about his behavior while you were gone, and about any additional stressors that may have happened during your time away.

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please make sure ur cat is not sick ........ a couple of my cats were doing that out of the box due to symptoms of FUS (feline urological syndrome) make sure ur using good litter that is not dusty increase the times/day that ur cleaning the litter box cause a dirty litter box not only will stop them from using the box they;ll getsick from the unclean excrement !!!! he needs to b checked !!!! remy's mom

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