How can I get my 11 year old cat to accept 9 month old kitten

Thanks for answering my question Izzie. I appreciate it. We're serioulsy considering taking Sophie back to the foster home, though she is not the problem in this situation (Gracie is) and we've become quite attached to Sophie. The foster mom said the hissing/swatting behavior should not still be going on 2 months later. Sophie definitely wants to be friends with Gracie and it's heartbreaking to see her hissed and swatted at every time. I feel like both cats are pretty unhappy right now. Gracie hates the newcomer and Sophie wants cat companionship.
I guess it was unrealistic of us to expect our older cat to be interested in such a younger cat. But since Gracie had a cat companion before, we thought she'd be okay with another cat. Wrong!
Sophie is pretty much a laid back kitten, so she's not antagonizing Gracie. She doesn't hiss back at Gracie at all.
My husband thinks that Gracie just doesn't know what to do in this situation, as the male cat we had before was the dominant cat.

Asked by Member 960949 on Feb 10th 2010 Tagged howcanigetmyyearoldcattoacceptmontholdkitten in Bringing Your Pet Home
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