How can I discourage my cat from using her bed/ blankets as a litter box?

Autumn is a trailer park specialty. She uses her litter box just fine. When I give her a blanket or a hidey hole she loves it. She'll use it for a few weeks and then pee on it. I can only wash some things so many times. Any suggestions to stop this?

Asked by Member 1209359 on Jan 13th 2014 Tagged bed, peeing in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

Take away her bed and blankets. You need to wash with an anti-pheromone reducer, because cats will continue to resoil in the same areas if they can smell their own urine (they have a better sense of smell than we do). Washing with your regular laundry products will not completely take the smell away. Finally, there may be places where your cat has peed that you are not aware of, so there are blacklight kits for use at night to determine just how extensive the pee damage is to your place. Give her treats (like Flavor Fusion Greenies) when she does not have an accident in the places where she usually resoils. You can also try playing classical or instrumental music while you are not home in case there are stressful noises that she hears (like lawn maintenance crews) when you're out. ^_^

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