How can I build up weight on under weight cat?

My darling Tulula went missing for 5months, she was found in Jan and we're both so happy to be together again! She was (amazingly) in near perfect health, the only 2 issues being she had a scratch on her eye, which is almost gone now, and she had lost over 1/2 her body weight! Shes now 2lb 5 and looking great (she was only just over 3lb before she went) I have followed the vets advice in building her food up, but she seems a bit too happy on alnost no food! She gets half a pouch of wet food in the morning with a tea spoon of dry food in for the crunch (she loves the crunch!) and the same at night, I tried upping the morning meal to 3/4 of a pouch which she pretty much woofs down, only to bring it up an hr later. Her stomach looks incredibly swollen too so I have dropped back down to 1/2 a pouch. Did I just increase the food too fast? The vet said I should just carry on but I cant stand seeing her ill like that!

Asked by Member 1210706 on Mar 23rd 2014 in Other Food & Nutrition
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Panda Bear

Dry food has 3x the protein of wet, which is mostly water, so increasing the dry portion will help. The solution is a bag of kitten food. It is higher in fat and protein, and she may prefer the taste. Try MaxCat or Natural Choice brands from pet stores, they are great quality, made in Tennessee and won't break your bank. I would not feed more than 1/2 wet with dry or her teeth will start to decay, and she will need dental work. A solution after the wet would be to introduce treats such as SmartBites by Greenies in digestive care (salmon flavor), or regular Greenie feline dental treats. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on Mar 25th.

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Feed a good quality cat food that's high in protein, about 40% protein and 20% fat, such as Diamond Active Cat. Did the vet check your cat for worms? Worms can cause a swollen looking belly and weight loss or failure to gain weight. In addition to her wet food, In addition to her wet food, I think I would offer her dry food free choice. A cat who has been starving-as she apparently has been before she came home-usually does tend to eat too fast. Once she gets used to having enough food, she should relax and eat more slowly.

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