Guest wife mistakely went over our cat slowly.she had no injuries but she doesnt want to come near any1 or in the house.

After 2days our cat has come home but she doesnt want to stay.we caught he and tried to pet her,feed her etc but she just wants to run back out.plan to see a vet.pls help.thanks.

Asked by Member 1156700 on Feb 23rd 2013 in Separation Anxiety
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She is probably still in a lot of pain as they don't always show it. I would suggest trapping her and be very careful not to pick her up, or stress her. I would take her to the Vet. it also depends on where she was run over. But if she is in pain I can understand she doesn't want anyone to touch her.

♥Sam answered on 2/24/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer