Hi, Has anyone enrolled for pet insurance for your cats? If yes, can you please provide your suggestions. Thank you.

I am planning to take insurance for my cats. I was wondering if any of you already have them and if yes, then I would like to know your suggestions to make an informed decision. Thanks for your help.

Asked by Cherry on Jun 9th 2008 in Pet Insurance
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The Wisconsin cats

We have tried pet insurance. We started with VPI and were not happy with that company - one rep was rude and with a $50 deductibe per incident it really wasn't worth it. We had Petshealth Care Plan too. They had a $100 annual deductibe, but when the plan renewed they denied Mickey's asthma medicine. When Mom called to ask why they informed her that when the plan renews it like a completly new plan and his asthma is now considered pre-existing. This was of course worded fairly vaguely (and in fine print) on the plan - their way of getting out of paying for chronic conditions. We cancelled. My advise: pet insurance is NOT worth it. We are going to give our vet a check each month to put on out account for emergencies.

The Wisconsin cats answered on Jun 9th.

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♥ Suey ♥

We have pet insurance for our two kitties. We go through Petplan, underwritten by Allianz (Australia). It is $250 each/annum for $9000 cover. It includes an amount for advertising and reward if one of them is stolen or goes missing, an amount for boarding if I am hospitalised, and an amount to cover a cancelled holiday if they go missing or are involved in a life threatening event within 7 days of departure.

My first bit of advice is to check the underwriters. Make sure they are a reputable company. It is also worth checking different consumer websites to read reviews of different plans. This allows you to see examples of how a plan has been good or bad. Find out about what happened to the previous answerer- what happens with conditions when you renew.

Review how necessary elements of the plan are. We could have upgraded to a higher plan, but it was really aimed at pedigree cats- it included refunding of purchase price if the cat is lost or passes away.

♥ Suey ♥ answered on 6/9/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


We have VPI, I have yet to use it (fingers crossed) and it doesnt really seem worth it.

Sam answered on 6/10/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer