Hi I recently went away and left my 11 year old cat at home with the family so all would remain normal for her but since

Hi I recently went away and left my 11 year old cat at home so all would remain fairly normal for her with the family coming to feed her daily and spend time with her but since my return 2 weeks ago she has been acting weird. She has been hiding, not coming when I call her, ignoring me and sleeping a lot more than normal. She usually sleeps on our bed and joins us in the evening and follows me everywhere. Well she has stopped doing all this. Plus she seems to have a few sores on her which the vet gave her antibiotics for. As my husband said "its like its a different cat" I know she maybe annoyed with me for leaving her but I feel it maybe more as it has gone on for over 2 weeks. Please help in what I should do. She is eating no problem its more her personality change. I have taken her to the vet and they have run tests and all seems normal there. Any advice much appreciated. It is making me very sad plus I dont want there to be anything wrong with her. thanking you for any advice

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Panda Bear

Were there scary rainstorms while you were gone? Did the sitter REALLY come every day, or was it every other day for 10 minutes with little interaction? Besides the sores, she may be sick... I would take her to the vet for a recheck and have blood work drawn and a fecal test if she is still acting differently... it could be a sign of something. ^_^ Feel better old girl!!

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