Hi, I hope you can help me. My kitten (around 4-5 months) is sleeping a lot today..

Hi, I hope you can help me. My kitten (around 4-5 months) is sleeping a lot today. I tried finding answers on the net but to no avail. Usually she sleeps (in her cage) with me around 12midnight and meows me up at 6+am. I take her out and she continues sleeping on my bed till 11am or she starts playing by herself. Today, it is the same except that she is still sleeping at 2+pm now. I tried carrying her up to feed her (usually she will eat if i let her smell in the middle of her sleep) but she refuses to today. She goes to sleep immediately. Also, when i carry her up she growls inside and wants to sleep. The moment i put her down, she sleeps again.

Asked by Member 1198439 on Nov 8th 2013 in Kittens
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Panda Bear

Unless you are trying to find this cat a home, why on earth is she living in a cage? Does she have all of her kitten shots (3 sets). If not, get her to a vet right away; something could be very wrong. If I was living in a little box I would have little energy also. It is easy to cat proof a room and give her free reign so she can move around and BE A CAT!!! ^_^ Cats can sleep for up to 18 hours a day, and longer without any stimulation...

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