hi guys, I just got a female kitten about 2 months ago so right now shes about 5 months old. (she is a wonderful kitten). I thought she could use a friend. So I got her a male friend that is about 4 months old. (he is also wonderful) Before I got my female kitten her friend she would follow me everywhere, purr all the time, always come to me, and so on. Now she doesn't do that as much. When I pick her up sometimes shell meow or when I'm petting her. It seems like shes mad at me. Is that true? She will also hiss at the new kitten. Is that normal? When I introduced them I put the new kitten down and let him explore the house, while my female kitten was also walking around the house. Did I do something wrong? Will my kittens ever become friends? I also have two litter boxes and two food and water dishes. Is that good to do? Please help!!! Thanks!!! :)

Will they ever get along?
Will my female kitten always act this way towards me and my kitten?

Asked by Member 1145763 on Dec 18th 2012 Tagged behavior, kittys, kitten, hiss, friends in Behavior & Training
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For what I read and experienced, it is better to introduce two cats very slowly. Otherwise it can be quite a shock to a cat. I don't think she is mad at you, but it is a big change for her, so she might be very stressed. It is normal she hiss at the other cat, she sees him as an intruder. How long have you had the second cat? If it is recent you could try to introduce them again. Keep them apart, then start letting them see each other, then spend supervised time together. Try to make it stress free and enjoyable, like playing. Go slowly and see how it goes. It is better for each cat to have is litter, bowl, etc.

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I agree with the other answer ... heard it's best to do introductions slowly, like keep the new cat in a bedroom, let them sniff and paw at each other through the bottom crack, for a few days to a week. Do your best to give extra love to the first cat, even if she appears to reject it. Time is the best solution I've found, and trying to be patient. My 2 year old hated me getting a new cat and it's been about 3 months and he's finally coming around. The new cat hassles and plays roughly, but Toby has actually initiated play a few times. Some cats take longer than others. Being that they are still kittenish, I'd think you have a better chance of them becoming pals. also, maybe the pheremones are causing the dislike. I'm guessing they are not spayed or neutered yet, unless you got them from a shelter. Try treats, wet cat food, and toys when they're together.

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