Help! My cat will not poop in the litter box. She was adopted 6 months ago and has never used the box for poop.

The previous owners claim she never went outside of the box. I have 4 litter boxes throughout my house but she only uses 1 of them for pee. She poops on the floor about 4 inches from one of the boxes. She is in good health and has been checked my the vet. I have tried multiple types of litters, boxes (covered, uncovered, long and wide). I am at my wits end. Please any advice would be helpful.

Asked by Member 1179292 on Jul 9th 2013 Tagged litterbox in Behavior & Training
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Bezalel Tiger

Dr. Elsey's makes a cat litter attractant that can be found in stores or online, and he guarantees 100% box use or your $$ back. I have not tried it because I never needed to, but it is worth a shot! I also hate to say it, but this might be the reason that her previous owners gave the cat away. Persians are notorious for doing this. Good luck! ^_^

Bezalel Tiger answered on 8/1/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer