HELP! My cat scratches me if she sees another cat!

So my neighbors cat likes to come over to my house and play with my 3 y/o sister outside. My cat misty once was outside with him and she flipped out! She back in to a corner and started hissing and growling at everyone. the neighbors cat chased my cat everywhere she went. he was not attacking just following her. Later when misty went back in the house i tried petting her and she scratched me. The neighbors cat comes over all the time now and i try to make him leave and call his owners to get him but he just comes back the next day. If she just sees him for a moment thew the window or she smells him she freaks out and starts growling and hissing again. A month ago she scratched me because of him and blood was every were! I still have a cherry red scar after a month of healing. What do i do?!? I love my cat she is my baby but that cat makes her go crazy and even if i don't pet that cat and dad does she will love on him and hiss at me. My cat loves me but i dont know what to do :(.

Asked by Member 1211048 on Apr 25th 2014 Tagged help, scratching, love, question in Aggression
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Panda Bear

Let me explain cat behavior to you a bit. Your cat sees the yard as HERS- period. When the next door cat visits, or any cat, it is like someone else is breaking into her house (territory) and she freaks. This is NORMAL cat behavior. If you are going to pet the other cat, do it somewhere else if you choose to, but NOT where she can see. Let your sister play with your cat in your yard, not another animal. Spray the edges of your yard with Boundary spray every other day, and hopefully the neighbor cat will not come into your yard. Also, buy your cat a cat condo inside so she has places to climb where she can view the yard and be comforted that no one else is inside it. Give her treats if she sees the other cat and see if it distracts her any (only her, not him or she will go nuts). ^_^

Panda Bear answered on Apr 28th.

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