Help! My 17 yrs old neuter male cat has been sick off & on for for 2-3 months. He vomited pinkish foam & next day vomite

Help my 17 yr old neuted male cat has been sick off-on for 2-3 months. He vomited pinkish foam & then the next day vomited bright red blood. Got him into the vets an hour later-they did a blood test & urine test. No kidney disease, no urine crystals, but had a high white count. They gave him antibiotic shot. He is still hiding under the bed, not eating much, but drinks ok & has no problem going pee in the litter box. He is still throwing up & once in awhile it is pinkish also. The vet said he had an infection somewhere & did not know more. What do I do next? Do I need to go to another vet? Do you have any suggestions? Help!!!!

Asked by Member 1001017 on Aug 18th 2010 Tagged vomitingblood in Emergencies & First Aid
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Joey (In Memory)

YES! Go to another vet - did they take an xray or ultrasound to see if there is an obstruction or foreign body in his GI tract - that is my first guess. If nothing suspicious showed up in the blood work it may be structural. Your kitty is getting up there - but still deserves the best treatment you can provide. Please get another opinion - and get the labs from the other vet for comparison. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

Joey (In Memory) answered on 8/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer