Help me please.. I have had 2 17yr old cats from the same litter, I needed to put one to sleep this past may, and ever s

Help me please.. I have had 2 17yr old cats from the same litter, I needed to put one to sleep this past may, and ever since, all the other cat wants to do is eat. He will meow ALL DAY LONG to be fed no matter how many times I had fed him. He is driving me AND my family Nuts. Even the neighbor can hear him meowing as after a while of this craziness in the house, I put him outside in a cat carrier so I can get some peace and quiet. Could this have to do with the fact I never let him see his brothers body after the euthanasia? He also has had diarrhea more often than not, but that could be due to me trying to change his schedule due to him begging for food all the time. I have previously wormed him 2 times already like the directions say. He is at it's worst, first thing in the morning, and also whenever I come in the house from being out, but that doesn't stop him from meowing the rest of the day here and there. He even begs when I am cooking or we are eating OUR food!

Asked by Member 1144877 on Dec 12th 2012 Tagged food, excessivemeowing, begging in Other Behavior & Training
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Knigget (nig-get)

Has he had a vet checkup since the passing of his brother? Just to be sure he doesn't have any age related condition with his thyroid, or diabetis, etc. I would start with that, stress could have made an underlying problem worse that you maybe didn't know anout.

Secondly, it could be depression. My brother and I spent 13 years together and i did have depression after we had to take my brother to the rainbrow bridge. However, mommy let me say goodbye and explained a few times that he was not coming back. I snapped out of the calling for his brother after about 6 months. (Sometimes even showing them the body or explaining to them doesn't work, they still grieve no matter how it happened.)

From the sounds of it, he seems very lonely. What mom did for me was started giving me more attention. We cats are very routine based, give him a new routine to get used too with more attention maybe? Give it a couple weeks to see if this improves even a little bit.

Knigget (nig-get) answered on 12/12/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer