Help! Littles won't use her box!

We have had Littles for about 4 years now. We had her in an apartment, and then we got a house. When we got the house, a new kitty joined our lives, Rosie. Rosie is about a year old the vet told us. For some reason, Littles has stopped using her litter box. Our litterboxes are in the basement (3 of them) and we have a small house. Rosie seems to be using hers just fine, but Littles is not (i've caught her many times). Rosie is not fixed yet, and Littles is. I'd like to know why Littles would just stop using her box despite our best efforts, and how to get her back into it. We have to lock the poor things up during work because we'll come home to puddles/piles everywhere if we dont!. Any help or advice is needed! Please and thank you!

Asked by Littles on Oct 1st 2013 Tagged litterboxes, newcat in Behavior & Training
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