Help Litter Training So... We adopted an 8 week old female kitten a few days ago. We have that "spinning" scoopless lit

So... We adopted an 8 week old female kitten a few days ago. We have that "spinning" scoopless litter box. We also got the "Worlds Best Cat Litter" We are on day 4. We found her spot under our bed that she has been using as a litter box. All day today, she has been locked in the bathroom with her litter box. She finally pooped inside it. We are going to continue keeping her in there at least until tomorrow morning to reinforce that she continues to use it. We have thoroughly cleaned and descented the area she was using. We will also be keeping the door closed to keep her from getting in there at all, at least until she has a handle on the litter box. We plan on keeping the litter box where it is for at least a couple weeks to further reinforce use of the box. Is there anything else we can do to better ensure success?

Asked by Member 1129787 on Sep 7th 2012 Tagged litterbox, training in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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If kitty is refusing to go in the litter box you are providing she may not like it, the smell, of the litter, the place in which the box is, i would reccomend trying a different box,different litter and have two, in opposite ends of the house,easy to find,are you able to speak to the owner of mamma kitty to find out what litter or material she is used to using? maybe try putting the box close to or in front of the place where she used to go potty,also with anything like this get kitty to the vets for a quick check up, sometimes when cats are unwell or have infections they go outside the box as the associate the box with pain. Personally i would not lock kitty in a room on her own, at this age, socialisation with humans is very important for your cat, she will crave warmth and comfort from you as shes still a very young baby,whos just lost her furry mumma,but whatever you do make sure kitty is all clear and up to date on vaccines at the vets before your next step. good luck

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