HELP! I have to move across the country with my 2 kitties ... advice?

I have to move for work and will be relocating from FL to MI this summer. I don't know which way is best for transporting my 2 kitties. Professional pet movers (where they will be put in cargo on plane but have experience with relocating pets and will deliver them right to my door)? Go by car (it would be a 20 hour trip; but if they freak out I can always pull over here-and-there and take breaks)? Or fly with them (it would be 3 hours, and I would have to pay a friend to accompany one of them since 1 cat/person; they would be under the seat of the cabin; then I would have to rent a car and drive about 5 hours to my new home since there are no "pet friendly" airlines that service the local small airport)? I know all options are really traumatic for them, but I want to do what is going to be the least stressful / risky for them. Any advice? I have heard different things from vets, etc. so not sure what is best...

Asked by Panda on Jun 9th 2010 Tagged move, travel, relocate in Travel & Recreation
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Sadie/ In loving memory

Are you planning on flying yourself or driving to your new home. On one hand the quicker it is for them the better, but if you are driving yourself then put them in the car with you. I moved from WI to NV with my cat. It took 3 days to get here. We slept in hotels, snuck her in. Got a room in the back so we could sneak her in. I had a cat box for her. When we stopped I have her water. She got carsick, but it was real hot and I had no A/C in my car. She would lay in my lap or on the dashboard of the car. No matter which one you chose your kitties will adjust and they will be happy once they get settled in, because you are taking them with you. Good luck.

Sadie/ In loving memory answered on 6/9/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Minxy (1987-2008)

First you should see how they react tcar trips to see if this is an option. Take a 2-3+ hour round trip with them in their crates with food/water/ litter and see how they do. If they do ok then this could be a good option for you. Just make sure on the trip you never open the car/ motel room doors unless they are in their carriers.

Flights with them under the seat are fine with the only bad part being getting through security as you have to take the cats out of the carrier. If you do this one tip is to buy a first class upgrade at check in. I did this when I flew with Minxy and it only cost $50 and I got to use the priority security line which was much qieter. For your specific trip see how much shorter the trip would be for them as it may not be that much better and you have to have small airline crates that are less roomy for your cats.

I've also used a pet transport company successfully. Make sure to scour the web for any negative reports.

Hope this helps you decide

Minxy (1987-2008) answered on 6/9/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Cleopatra 8/4/96-7/18/13

Hi Panda! My mom just went through this with Sebastian and I. We moved from KY to WA state 3 months ago! We went by car and stayed in hotels at night. Mom made sure the hotels allowed pets first, so there were not any surprises. Yes, we had to pay extra, but mom felt it was worth it to know we were safe. We can tell you ALL about it, but do not have the space here to do it (silly character limits). So be looking for a pawmail from us :)

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