Help! Cat scratches on bedroom door all night!

I recently moved in with my boyfriend, who unfortunately has cat allergies. Most websites we found advised that people with allergies should not allow the cat in the bedroom (since cat dander is very difficult to remove from the bedding/mattress).

We now sleep with the cat outside of the bedroom, but he keeps us up all night because he cries and scratches non-stop on the door.

We have tried letting the cat into the room at night; however, he always jumps immediately on the bed and wants to lay there. (Again, this is not OK since my boyfriend has cat allergies.) We also are not in a position to get a buddy to keep our cat company at night (again, the allergies).

Anyone have any ideas?

Asked by Virgil on Jul 11th 2013 Tagged crying, scratching, night, restless in Noisiness
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