Hello, I have an approximately 10 year old Tonkinese cat, who always pees in the box, but poops on the floor constantly

I have no kids, I live alone, she gets a lot of attention, but the problem is reaching critical mass. The vet checked her out a few months ago and all was ok. Her stools range between soft and diarrhea (which I give her OTC meds for - it's a specific formula meant for dogs and cats). This is almost a daily occurrence, sometimes multiple times in a 24 hour period. The spots she goes in range from near the box to outside in random places (today it was near and on the wall by the TV!). It's really something that I am running out of patience with but she doesn't seem to want to comply. She was sweet and a great cat otherwise but this is becoming a very major problem. Also, she goes just fine (usually) when I am home, but will snoop around to the spots she has gone already and then go in the box. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by Member 1183637 on Aug 2nd 2013 Tagged pooping, litter, soiling in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Orion Hemingway

Hello, they will re-soil unless you get a special product that releases the odor like Oxi-advantage, Nature's Miracle, or specific pet stain and odor remover products and clean super-thoroughly. Purebreds are notorious for this type of behavior. Reward her with a couple of new fusion flavor Greenies each time she does not have an accident. If she does, bring her to her area she peed on, let her smell and say "no treat", then clean it and let her see that you are not pleased. ^_^

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