Hello! This is my first post and I am looking for some help. Our cat Mithu is 15 yrs and is unable to walk.

Her back legs have been weaking for 2 months now.All her blood work is normal, no diabetes, kidney issues or infection. An MRI revealed that some vertebrae in the spine is a bit compressed and inflamed and could be pressing on a nerve. She was on a 3 day course of Dexamethasone and Methycobalamin injections and she got better to the point where she could walk quite well. About 10 days after the injections stopped she started getting wobbly and finally came to a stage where she could no longer stand at all. The vet started her on Prednisolone which made no difference, and we now have started her on the Dexamethasone and Methylcobalamin again. 2 days after the injections her back legs show some movement and she is trying to stand up. Her bladder and bowel control is normal and she tells us when she needs the litter box. Her appetite is normal, we are unable to figure out what is causing this. I see a few people on this site have had a similar problem & any help would be great. Thank you

Asked by Member 1194020 on Oct 11th 2013 in Illness & Disease
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Panda Bear

Some animals, like people, have bodies that give out before their brains do. That is okay, but you must decide about her quality of life. How much is she in pain (they hide it well)? Can you be there for her 24/7? How many treatments a month can you afford/ do you have pet insurance? The cause is not the problem; it's what you are going to do to help your cat that is. When she stops eating, that's when she wants to die. Keep her hydrated and have her wear a diaper if she can't move so that she does not have to lie in her own poop and pee. Talk to your vet about euthanasia and how you want the end of her life to be. There is no dignity in watching a living being suffer. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on 2/17/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer