Two kittens not sure of names

Hello, I just joined Catster and I'm about to bring home two adorable Siamese kitten rescues. What breed are they?

Hello, I just joined Catser and I'm about to bring home two adorable Siamese kitten rescues. I have attached a photo of my new kittens. They will be ready to bring home any day. In your Siamese opinion, what type of Siamese do you think my kittens are? They are siblings and are about 5 weeks old. The little fuzzy one on the left is female and the lighter guy on the right is the male brother. I have read so many articles regarding types and breeds of Siamese, their chromosomes, their points, and so much more. I am still totally confused. One person calls these kitties chocolate point mix and another calls them seal point mix. May I have your opinion? Also, is it possible for a litter of kittens to have more than one type of Siamese from the litter?I had a lady tell me that my female (the fuzzy one on the left) is a seal point and the male on the right is a chocolate point. They are brother and sister from the same litter but I know nothing about their parents.

Asked by Two kittens not sure of names on Oct 14th 2013 Tagged siamese, point, type in Breeds
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Panda Bear

They are probably mixes because they are not lean with thin faces like typical Siamese. They look choco point from the small pic but does it really matter? With no papers and lacking breed standard they are just pets that cannot compete in shows. Feed them well such as with MaxCat kitten food for their 1st year, and don't worry so much about what anyone thinks. You just got two furry friends... enjoy them because they don't stay small for long! ^_^ Also get them neutered and spayed BEFORE five months, or they will try to mate, even if related... ^_^

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