Having a problem with my cat. She loves being inside and doesn't want back out but has started peeing everywhere.

Brought the outside cat that "adopted" my family inside because of the cold and she loves being inside. Doesn't try to get out, doesn't cry, and has adjusted well to using the litter box. Recently she has begun peeing outside the litter box. The litter is the same as it's been so no problem there. My husband is at the end of his rope and wants to put her out. I don't want to do this but don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?

Asked by Member 1212919 on Feb 24th 2014 Tagged peeingoutsidelitterbox in The Catster Website
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First of all have her checked by the vet. Peeing outside the box is often a symptom of urinary medical problems.

Some cats are finicky about litter pans. Try giving her two litter pans. I've had a few cats who would poop in litter and pee in a litter pan lined with newspapers. Most litter pans sold in stores aren't large enough to really please cats. I took a Rubbermaid type storage box that's 18 inches tall and 30 inches long, cut a 9" diameter round hole in one end about 6 inches from the bottom of the pan and I use these big boxes for litter pans. A cat cannot hang its rear over the side of the box and pee or poop over the side of the pan with this box either.

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