have 2 cats at my parents 1 is 7 & the other 13.can i separtae them,bring my 13 to my new home?will she adapt at her age

Asked by Member 1129709 on Sep 7th 2012 in Feline Friends
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I would look at your cats personality, some out going cats are quick to adapt but for others this may be an extremely stressful situation,is there any reason you cant have both kitties together? if they get on well it would be sad for them to be split up, and in thier advancing years a bit of kitty company is good for purrs, whatever you decide to do make sure its best for kitty first,they cant voice thier own opinions all the time but if you have a feeling this may overly upset them, i wouldnt split them up , hope you and kitties are well

Batfink answered on 9/8/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer