Has anyone heard for Blood Sugar Gold Cat Diabetes Support?

I just found out that my cat has diabetes. I am very over whelmed right now. I love my Daffy very much and I want the best for him. It seems that taking care of him is going to be very costly. But I am going to give it my all. I was reading about Blood sugar Gold Cat Diabetes Support and it seems like it will work and it cost less than the insulin. I just want to know more about it before I use it. Has anyone used it or know anything about it?

Asked by Daffy on Jan 24th 2014 in Health & Wellness
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Austin Valentino loving memory

I am sorry I do not know anything about the Blood Sugar GCD, but is this something your Vet suggested you check into? Our fur baby contracted the disease when he was 11 years old and had it to the end at 16 years and 10 months…Even though insulin is expensive…it saved his life and kept him around for 6 more years-giving him back his quality of life.I used to get his insulin through COSTCO saving about 20+ dollars per month and purchased his needles through the American Diabetes website in bulk) It actually was easy giving him his shots-easier then a pill for sure!! God Bless and hope all goes well with Daffy no matter what you decide to do. :)

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We had a cat a few years ago with diabetes, he didn't survive long afterwards since we had no clue. We adopted him from someone who was moving and got the diagnosis when we took him to our vet for not eating. That being said we were upset to learn that our CryBaby was pre-diabetic. Our vet recommended Hill's Prescription Diet M/D to see if we could get some weight off him and maybe lower his sugar. Since we feed 5 cats inside we decided to feed them all the same thing. CryBaby not only lost 3 pounds but his sugar is perfect! It is a little expensive, $32 for an 8# bag, but is totally worth it. We feed 1 cup, split between 4 bowls, twice a day and a bag usually last a little over a month. A lot less expensive and less tramatic (for us) than giving insulin shots. Please check with your vet to see if this is an option for your precious kitty. They also get a "treat" twice a day...their "treat" is Meow Mix that we feed our outside cats!

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