Hair loss in kittens

I've been fostering 3 6-week old kittens (not related) from my work (county shelter) for the last three weeks. Over the weekend one of the kittens began loosing his fur around his ears, eyes, and nose. I brought him in to see our shelter vet and he's all clear as far as ringworm. But he's still loosing hair. I'd wait to speak to our vet again but she will not be back for at least a week. The kittens skin is very dry and the fur is coming out easily in small roundish patches. It's not itching him and it's not red or swollen. He's very active and is eating/drinking just fine. Is their any advise on how to help the kitty or any other issues you could suggest. Thanks for the help.

Asked by Mama on Jun 3rd 2009 Tagged skin, allergy, hair, fur, dry in Health & Safety
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For ringworm, did they just look at it under a wood's lamp or did they take a skin scraping and send it to a lab? Because this does sound very much like ringworm. We went through it for 6 months as it got into my home and spread from cat to cat. One of mine had brought it home from the breeder and spread it to the others (and to me) and the second cat to get it did not glow under the wood's lamp but it came back positive on a lab test. If it was that, I have plenty of suggestions, but I have no ideas what else would cause this. Good luck with the poor baby!

Allie answered on 6/3/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


It could be an allergy. Hair loss is the most common allergy symptom in cats, and there are several things that they can be allergic to: such as fleas, food additives, grass, plastic, and certain fabric materials. The only way you can know for sure is if you take him to the vet. Just keep an eye on the other kittens and make sure whatever it is isn't spreading to the others.

Member 638448 answered on 6/3/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer