Get rid of fleas without overdosing on Spot On

I have two cats and use Effipro Spot On for their fleas. As a general rule it works well but my cats hate having it put on so not all of it makes it onto their skin. This hasn't been an issue before as it has still stopped the fleas but this time there seems to be even less than usual on them because they still have fleas. Point being, what can we do about the fleas? They're not due another treatment for a while and obviously I don't want to poison them but none of us like fleas. Any help is appreciated, thanks

Asked by Loki on Aug 18th 2013 Tagged fleas, spoton in Flea & Tick Protection
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Pookie Face (in memory)

All flea treatments are not created equal! Pet fleas can become resistant to certain pesticides over time. Use up the brand that you have, and then get another kind like Advantage, Frontline Plus or the new Seresto collars. I had to change brands for effectiveness every 2-4 years because I live in a warm, buggy climate. ^_^

Pookie Face (in memory) answered on 8/27/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer