Fur clumping/bump after vaccines... normal or not?

My 4 year old black, outdoor cat recently (3-4 weeks ago) got his annual vaccines. He requires 2 extra for being an outdoor cat and he received the shots in his back legs. My vet told me there is a 1 in 10,000 chance with those shots he could get a tumor at the injection site and worst case scenario, lose a back leg and not his life.
He has clumping fur around the injection sites and a slight bumps, I can't see anything noticeably different except the clumps. When I try to get a closer look he usually runs away from me or scratches at me, it looks like hes feeling pain when I try to touch it.

He has these vaccines last year (not all at the same time though) and he was lethargic for a while. He's past the sleepiness/lethargy considering its over 3 weeks later. I'm wondering how concerned I should be, and if its worth taking him back to the vets office about.
(My cat hates the car, the vets office, getting check ups, he has a *caution* symbol in his file from being so difficult.)

Asked by Member 1192791 on Oct 3rd 2013 Tagged vaccinations, vaccines, clumping, pain, fur, tumor in Vaccinations
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Orion Hemingway

When shots are given into muscle it is uncomfortable, and your cat is known for his unpleasantness, so let him be for now and keep an eye on him to see how he does. If it has been a month and a half and he is not back to his old self, then I would bring him back for a visit. Buy calming spray and douse the inside of your car and the cat carrier with it the morning before your vet visit. Calming sprays are for the environment, not for spraying the animal. I would also try feeding him some turkey food for the benefit of the tryptophan in it, and if he eats treats, try feeding him a calming treat before you corral him into the car, and play soothing instrumental music on the ride to and from the vet's office. Good luck! ^_^

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