Frontline Plus making human itch?

I am taking care of a kitten on a trial basis. Before he came to me, he was treated with Frontline Plus. Since none of my other cats have ever been treated with this medication, it's my first exposure to it. After I hold and pet the kitten, I feel itchy all over, and the itchiness goes away once I'm away from him. I don't think that I myself am infested by anything; I don't have localized itching, and I can't see any bite marks on myself or tell-tale signs of infestation on the cat, either. Nor is it an allergy to the cat, which would give me itchy eyes and asthma. Is it possible that I'm reacting to the residue of his Frontline Plus?

Asked by Spike on Aug 25th 2008 in Allergies
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Bella (In Loving Memory)

Oh. My. GOD yes. I'm a vet tech and if I hold an animal that has been treated with frontline within the last 72ish hours I get itchy and crawly all over. If I come into contact with the stiff residue I get hives almost immediately. (Arms are actually itching even thinking about it!)

Bella (In Loving Memory) answered on Aug 29th.

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