Food allergies and Rx diet?

My boy Lincoln has had food allergies for all his life. He's been doing great on a limited ingredient diet. However, he also has had chronic Feline Urinary Syndrome with crystals. We've tried acidifiers to control the crystals but it hasn't been effective. The vet started him on an Rx diet for the crystals last week and while it seems to be helping with the crystals, he has skin lesions for the first time in years. I'm taking him to the vet but am concerned that we'll do steroids to control the itching but continue giving him the food and that can't be good for his system. Any advice on balancing these two issues? Thanks!

Asked by Lincoln on Dec 15th 2016 Tagged food, allergies, crystals in Food & Nutrition
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Wow that's a scary one. I'm no expert but our cats are on the royal canin S/O or the hills C/D. Luckily Hills has changed the formula. I think they were trying to have a diet that dissolved the crystals. Unfortunately it wasn't good for the Calcium oxalate stones, which our cats actually had. Now the formula is more neutral. Yay! I think you won't know which one he has, unless they get some Stones/crystals & test them. Which often means surgery :( I would ask your vet, if they'll allow you to contact a cat nutritionist. Apparently there are a few in the USA. There's also a group on Catster that may have some info for you. I don't know if anyone is posting there at the moment. But still there's still a lot of good info in the threads & in the links on the front page.
I hope this helps. But as I said I'm no expert just another cat lover

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