Female kitty pees in my daughter's bed.

My 8 yo female cat pees in my two year old's bed whenever she has the opportunity. She never peed in the crib, but now that we have a twin sized bed she pees in it all the time. Its driving me crazy! I am guessing she is jealous. I am afraid its going to get worse when I have our second baby in a few weeks. What can I do?!

Asked by Libby on Jan 22nd 2010 in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Izadore (Izzie)

If your daughter's room has a door on it, shut the door and do not allow your cat access to the room. Close all bedroom and nursery doors so she does not transfer her behavior from one bed to another. Then, take your cat to the vet to make sure she has no health concerns like a bladder infection. Chances are the odor of her urine has soaked into your child's mattress and she's returning to the scene of the crime,so to speak. The only option is to replace the mattress. You'll need to bolster your kitty's self-confidence with much attention, treats and playtimes before the new baby arrives. If your 2 year old is known to harrass your kitty, you'll have to teach him/her how to treat animals as well.

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♥ Tasha ♥

It's common for cats with medical problems to begin eliminating outside of their litter box. For example, a urinary tract infection or crystals in the urine can make urination painful—and both are serious conditions that require medical attention. Cats often associate this pain with the litter box and begin to avoid it. So if your cat has a house-soiling problem, check with your veterinarian first to rule out any medical problems. Cats don't always act sick, even when they are, and only a trip to the veterinarian for a thorough physical examination can rule out a medical problem.

If you can rule out a medical problem, you should check out this website for more suggestions on how to solve the problem:

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