Female cat started peeing on my bed after spay and a year later still does it

I took my 2 female Bengal kittens in for spaying at 5 months old. I assumed they would be sent home with pain meds but I was wrong. After a day one of them came up on my bed next to me and peed. I was shocked but thought maybe the litter box was too dirty because I was sick. I scooped it, but a few hours later she did it again, so I took her to the vet. They found nothing wrong with her and said it was behavioral and due to post-spay pain. They gave her meds, and she stopped peeing on my bed but when they wore off she'd do it again. Nearly a year later and fully healed, she still tries to pee on my bed. I praise her and give her treats for going in the box and also keep it scooped at least once a day. There is one box in my room and another on the enclosed patio. I think she's trying to communicate, but I don't know what the message is. She is very sensitive and anxious. Both kitties seem to wait for me so they can use the litter box in front of me, maybe hoping for treats?

Asked by Member 868430 on Nov 10th 2013 Tagged catpeeingonbed, catpeeingasaggression, catpeeinginappropriatelyafterspay in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Bezalel Tiger

Yes, cats are smart like that. You should buy a black light and test in the dark for pee. Cats will resoil in places where they have marked before, and some you might not even know about. If the smell is in your mattress, you will need an anti-pheromone specially formulated remover to wash all of your bedding as well as scrub the mattress with. Go ahead and reward the cats with a Greenie or SmartBite treat after using the box. If you don't, they might get mad and pee on your bed just because. ^_^

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