Female cat spraying after brother's surgery - help!

My boy cat, Linocln has had a lot of vet visits and a surgery in the last three weeks and his sister Loxley is not happy about it. I have separated them and rotate the rooms they are in so that they can get use to each other's smells and I let them into the same room when I can supervise them. I also have been sure to spend extra time playing with both cats individually and together. However, Loxley has started spraying -mostly around her litter box and the door that separates the two cats. She also has taken to lying down in her litter box. It's a covered box and Lincoln is in an e-collar so he can't get in there no matter what. I have Feliway diffusers and wipes and keep her litter box pristine. I'm sure his absences and returns have been a scary and stressful situation for her but I'm at my wit's end. I need to protect his surgery site and restrict his movements but I am also worried about her (and my walls). Please help!

Asked by Loxley on Aug 9th 2014 Tagged spraying, reintroduction, stress, surgery, urination, marking in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

Buy training litter or litter attractant. Keep the litter box in a bathroom with a floor that is easier to clean than carpet or cement. Then, place pee pads around the box in case she misses. You also might want to get a bigger litter box. Females usually do not spray, so I would also try calming room spray (for cats), calming chews and treats. ^_^

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