My cat is an excessive eater, he gets into cabinets and will eat entire boxes of snacks at a time! Even if the are in packages(ex. Cheezits, crackers, fruit snacks, cereal, cat food/sugar glider food). No matter where we put them I always come home to a ripped up box and crumbs everywhere. I have 4 other cats and they do not take part in this nor do they even eat human food. We have even caught him on tape tearing open a box of saltines. Not only does he get into the snack cabinets but the trash too. He will knock the bucket over and tear up the bag to find left over food. I don't know where he learned this behavior. He is only 1 year old and weighs 26 pounds. He also exhibits other strange behaviors, he growls at the door when he hears knocking, and he mews ALL NIGHT. They are indoor cats so I know this isn't something he picked up from being outside although whenever we open the door he tries to escape. What is wrong with my cat?

Asked by Member 1187188 on Aug 26th 2013 Tagged eating, destroying, weirdbehavior, food in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

First off, if he is not neutered, he needs to be. Second, you need to child proof your cabinets the way you would for children. Get baby locks from a baby store. Then, make sure he has enough toys and places to climb. Finally, DO NOT free feed a cat like this, even if the others are fine. Go down to twice a day, and everyone eats at the same time. Ask the vet if your cat is obese and if he needs to be on prescription diet food. If you have never tried lite cat food at all, try MaxCat indoor weight control in chicken or salmon flavors to start the reduction process. ^_^ Feed him according to what he SHOULD WEIGH, not the actual cat weight.

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