Does my Kitten eat too much?

I just adopted little Artemis not even a week ago, and as far as I and his previous owner have determined, he is about 6 weeks old. He's very playful and energetic, and the sweetest little thing.
But I'm worried I may he feeding him too much or giving him bad eating habits.
I've had him for 4 days, and in that time he's eaten 2.5 cans of wet food and 1.5 grilled chicken breast fillets.
His old owner told me that when he's hungry he mewls and nips at your chin or nose, so when he does that or sniffs his empty bowl and mewls I put a bit in it.
How do I ensure he doesn't end up overweight?

Asked by Artemis on Jul 6th 2013 Tagged overeating, kitten, adopted, help, food, wetfood in Other Food & Nutrition
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Panda Bear

First off, cats do not get the protein they need from cooked human food. He is eating so much because his body is starved for nutrients. Make an 8 week vet appointment for him. If you are intent on feeding "people food" then a raw diet is better. I will not handle raw meat regularly (for myself or animals) so I feed dry kitten/cat food, which has THREE TIMES the protein of canned. Natural Choice kitten is good for their first year only, and then it's time to switch to adult food. Your fella should definitely be able to crunch with thise sharp baby teeth by now. Kittens should also be fed a certain amount by age and weight, which can be determined by your vet and the age of the kitten according to feeding guidelines on the side of a bag. You should also have fresh water out all of the time- this is crucial to having a healthy cat, and supplementing dry with wet food helps in this arena, especially in warmer climates. ^_^

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