does my cat of a cold or allergies? what can i do?

My 1 or 2 year old male cat Dusty (not sure on his age cause the place STILL hasn't sent me his info grr) has been sneezing sense day one. it wasn't often. Lately (2 months later) hes had a really snotty nose. There is no eye discharge, he eats and drinks fine and has the same amount of laziness. Could it be allergies? its not from his food or litter cause Ive changed those. And I'm 99% sure its not an upper respiratory infection because there's no eye discharge and my other cat nightmare hasn't been affected at all. Whats the best solution? and is petsmarts vet thing a good price? (if it comes to me having to take him to a vet)

Asked by Dusty on Feb 18th 2010 Tagged colds, allergies, snottynose in Allergies
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Izadore (Izzie)

Cats, like people, are totally susceptble to allergies. They are lower to the ground than we are are can inhale all sorts of things off carpeting, plug-in deodorizers, etc. If Dusty is not wheezing, he's eating, etc., then I wouldn't go frantic just yet. However, I would take him to the vet to be checked out as soon as you can. I wouldn't wait for the rescue/shelter to send you the paperwork. In my experience, shelter vet records often make my own vet laugh at their incompleteness. You're better off calling them and asking what their vaccination policy is, like did he have a rabies shot and what else they vaccinate against (most do FeLeuk and Felv) Your own vet will want to do a thorough exam of their own. As far as going to Banfield, they will push their own food and a lot of things you don't need. I always got the impression that they liked to make a lot of money off their patients. Just be careful when you take him in and don't let them talk you into a bunch of stuff.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Feb 18th.

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